Defining the Church’s “F” Word

Can we salvage the word? or is it beyond repair?

Navigating our current culture the last couple of weeks has been almost unbearable as a woman who has spent most of her adult life ministering to, studying, observing, and fighting for women. The unbearable part for me has been watching the assault women are launching on each other. The lines have certainly been drawn. There are millions of women hurting, angry, and scared about where our country might be going….and there are millions of women who are thrilled. Verbal grenades are being thrown back and forth, leaving relationship casualties in their path. I have never seen so much carelessness with words – so much lack of concern about who may be hurt – so much assumption that surely everyone must agree with one’s opinion – so much apathy towards those that may disagree.┬áMy main concern is really with the church and the seemingly collective desire to demand behavior modification from those who do not yet love Jesus in order to make the world a nicer place to live in for those who do.┬áThis, my friends, is not the gospel.